Last updated:

18th July 2023

Rent a garage

Apply to rent a garage

Rent a garage

Garage rental

Garages are for the storage of motor vehicles only.

The weekly cost of renting a garage is currently:

£9 for Council tenants
£12.90 for non-Council tenants 
Payment is required in advance.

Council tenants must have a clear rent account before a garage can be rented.

Apply to rent a garage

Important notice about the garage waiting list

We own garages throughout the borough, which can be rented to applicants on our waiting list. The garage policy prioritises the offer of garage rentals to council tenants above any other applicants. Currently, our waiting list has an unprecedented amount of both council and non-council applicants. Due to the limited amount of garages that become available for rental on an ongoing basis, we have taken the decision to suspend further applications for non-council tenants, as the likelihood of a garage becoming available for these applicants, at any time in the future, is minimal.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please continue to monitor this area of the website for future updates on this decision.

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