Last updated:

18th July 2023

The Tenant Charter

Read our tenant charter

The Tenant Charter was developed by the Tenant Volunteers (previously known as Involved Tenants). It has been subject to review and approval by the Tenant and Landlord Improvement Panel and Wokingham Borough Council.

This Charter sets out the views of the Tenant Volunteers on what is needed to modernise customer experience, ensure continuous improvement and provide quality homes to social housing tenants.

Tenant Charter 2022

The Tenant Volunteers reviewed the Tenant Charter in 2022, updating their 10 key priorities and identifying the progress made since the last publication. 

To find out more, read the Tenant Charter update 2022 (PDF document) and watch the video below.


Tenant Charter 2019

The Tenant Charter was first published in 2019 with 10 key priorities. To find out more, read the Tenants Charter (PDF document) and watch the Involved Tenants video, below.

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