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Tenants repair responsibilities

Tenants repair responsibilities

Your responsibilities

You must take good care of your home, its fixtures and fittings and keep it in a good state of repair. You must keep it in a clean, sanitary and in a habitable condition.

Reporting repairs

You must report any repairs, faults, damage or theft of our fixtures immediately. Read our request a repair page for details of how to contact us and lead times.

Look after your home

We will charge for repair or replacement if damage to your home (including its fixtures and fittings) has been 

  • Caused deliberately
  • A result of your own neglect or carelessness, or 
  • Caused by actions of anyone who lives with you or who visits your home, including children

Failure to pay will be a breach of your tenancy agreement. We can recover the debt through a County Court if you do not pay.

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