Last updated:

19th July 2023

Gas safety and servicing

How to report a gas leak and arrange gas servicing

If you suspect there is a gas leak

  • Immediately report the leak to the National Grid, the gas supply company on 0800 111 999
  • Put out cigarettes and naked flames
  • Do not use electrical switches or lights
  • Open all doors and windows
  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter

How to turn off your gas in an emergency

It is important that you know how to turn off your mains gas supply in an emergency. You can turn off your gas at the mains by using the shut off valve, on top of your gas meter.

Gas servicing

It is important for you to have a regular gas service visit. This service is a legal requirement and must be carried out. If you do not allow access to carry out this service, it is a breach of your Tenancy Agreement, and may result in us having to take legal action to enter your home. Failing to allow access to have your service done puts both you and your neighbours at risk, so please help us to help you.

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