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19th June 2023

Physical activity scheme

The GP referral exercise scheme is for those individuals with one or more health conditions, who are new to exercise and want extra guidance in their exercise goals.

The scheme offers a number of daytime classes, designed and adapted for those with a variety of health goals. It also offers discounted access to gyms and swimming pools at designated sites.

A lifestyle and wellbeing instructor will be on hand to answer any queries you have in regards to maintaining and progressing your exercise regime.

To participate you must:

  • Reside within the Wokingham Borough.
  • Be a minimum age of 16 years.
  • Have been referred by your local GP.

How to join

Make an appointment with your GP and ask them to refer you by completing a referral form.

After you're referred you will: 

  • Be contacted to arrange a consultation with a lifestyle and wellbeing instructor.
  • Be advised on the most beneficial activity for you.
  • Receive a gym induction and information of the classes on offer.
  • Have a qualified specialist there to guide you throughout the programme.
  • Receive reviews of your progress.

Venues and classes

Following your consultation you will have discounted access to the leisure centres below:

  • Arborfield Leisure Centre
  • Bulmershe Leisure Centre
  • Wokingham Leisure Centre
  • Loddon Valley Leisure Centre
  • Ryeish Green Leisure Centre
  • St Crispin's Leisure Centre

How much does it cost?

  • There is a fee to the scheme which includes a 10X loyalty card to exercise referral lead classes.
  • A discounted rate for gym and swim use is also available through the referral process.

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