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29th May 2024

Wokingham Borough Health and Wellbeing Board

Find out about the Wokingham Borough Health and Wellbeing Board

What is the Wokingham Borough Health and Wellbeing Board?

The Wokingham Borough Health and Wellbeing Board is a formal committee of the local authority, charged with promoting greater integration and partnership between bodies from the NHS, Public Health and local government.

In partnership with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), through a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), the board is responsible for identifying the current and future social care and health needs of the local area, and setting strategies which influence decisions taken in the council and health services.

Board members and meetings

Read our Health and Wellbeing Committee details page to view member details, agendas and meetings, and contact information.

Public meetings

Formal meetings are held in public. The public can submit questions to the board, as long as they follow council regulations for submitting questions.

Underlying principles of health and wellbeing boards

  • Shared leadership of a strategic approach to the health and well-being of communities that reaches across all relevant organisations.
  • A commitment to driving real action and change to improve services and outcomes.
  • Parity between board members in terms of their opportunity to contribute to the board’s deliberations, strategies and activities.
  • Shared ownership of the board by all its members (with commitment from their nominating organisations) and accountability to the communities it serves.
  • Openness and transparency in the way that the board carries out its work.
  • Inclusiveness in the way the board engages with the local people.

Statutory duties of health and wellbeing boards

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