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Report benefit fraud


How to report benefit fraud

  • To report Housing Benefit fraud, visit the website

  • For any other type of fraud, use the online form below. (This form cannot be used to report Housing Benefit fraud)

* Indicates mandatory fields

If 'other', please state what type of fraud you believe the person is committing:

Please provide further information about what the person is doing that will assist an investigation. For example, if you are reporting:

  1. Someone who has a partner living with them and hasn't told the council; what is their partners name, where do they work, how long have they been living there, what do they look like, do they have a car, do they have children together?

  2. Someone who is working and hasn't told the council; where do they work/ who do they work for, how long have they worked, what time to they go to and return from work, do they wear a uniform, do they have a work vehicle?

  3. Someone who is not living in their council house or is renting it out; where are they actually living or who with, who is living in their council house instead?

Please provide as much information as you can, even if you think it might not be relevant.

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