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17th August 2023

Kaleidoscopic's family freedom fund

Help with holidays for domestic abuse victims

A family on lush green grass with children playing near their tent, close to the sea


A £500 community grant is helping families subjected to domestic abuse.

Kaleidoscopic UK, based in Finchampstead, used the funding from the Wokingham Borough Equality Forum for its Family Freedom Fund.

Money was used towards camping equipment, covering every part of the kit needed so a family can go away at a lower cost and with less stress.

The fund enables those subjected to domestic abuse, and their families, to have fun and freedom without the cost of hire/outlay for holiday equipment or storing – which can be a barrier for many.

Further support from Tesco will help buy additional equipment, meaning more than one family can be supported at a time. Equipment can be matched to the needs of each family.

What the grant paid for

  • Eight person tent with groundsheet, carpeting and awning
  • Electricity supply
  • Pots, pans, kettle, cooking utensils, tent light and torch
  • Storage cupboards, tables and chairs
  • Twin burner stove, plus gas, mini fridge, heater, tent pegs and doormats
  • Toilet, windbreaker and beach windbreaker
  • Dog tethering spike
  • Water container
Three girls inside a tent smile to the camera through the hatch opening, bunting is decorating the area around their tent

Why it makes a difference

  • 98 per cent of those subjected to domestic abuse in any form are also subjected to economic or financial abuse especially post separation
  • Cost of living crisis means going away has become even more expensive
  • Proven positive impacts of nature and outdoors
  • Creating happy memories and bonding for families who have been disrupted
  • Many of the charity’s clients have never been able to afford or allowed on holidays, especially as some are part of larger families where this is more difficult

‘Creating new, happy memories and bonding is priceless’

Vickie Robertson, CEO of Kaleidoscopic UK, said: “We are delighted and thankful to have been awarded the £500 towards our Family Freedom Fund, purchasing equipment to enable our clients and their families the opportunity of going on a camping adventure.

“Most of the families we support have been subjected to economic or financial abuse during or after leaving their abuser, combined with the cost of living this makes holidays a luxury that most cannot afford.

“Camping being the cheapest option involves a huge outlay for equipment as well as space for storage costing the average family between £1,000 to £2,000 before hiring the plot to camp.

“Being in nature is an incredible healer, creating new, happy memories and bonding is priceless, we are delighted to provide this for our clients and families who can now borrow all they need to enjoy a family camping holiday without the worry.”

About Kaleidoscopic UK

Kaleidoscopic UK helps and supports children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

The Finchampstead-based charity was founded by Vickie Robertson in January 2019 after her experience of childhood and adult domestic abuse.

Experiencing first-hand the gaps in current support and services available, combined with a general lack of training or understanding of domestic abuse, Vickie was inspired to help others in similar situations to find the support they need by delivering a range of specialist services for all individuals in our community through Kaleidoscopic UK.

About Community Diversity Grants

Kaleidoscopic UK was one of the awards in our 2022 Community Diversity Grants.

In total, £5,000 was awarded by the borough’s Equality Forum to nine organisations to provide innovative and imaginative approaches to promoting inclusion locally.

The groups awarded all work to tackle inequality and discrimination in the area.

This article is part of a series showcasing how the borough is working to celebrate diversity, tackle inequality and make a difference to parts of our community.

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