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How decisions are made and scrutinised

How decisions are made and scrutinised


Wokingham Borough Council is made up of 54 councillors representing 25 wards across the Borough.

Our Constitution sets out how we operate, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed.

The current political control of the Council is Conservative. The current political balance of our Council is

  • Conservative - 31 Councillors
  • Liberal Democrat - 16 Councillors
  • Labour  - 4 Councillors
  • Independent - 3 Councillors

The Leader is John Halsall. The Deputy Leader is John Kaiser.

Day to day decisions are made by the Executive. The Executive is made up of the Leader of the Council and 8 other councillors known as Executive Members. The Executive is equivalent to the Cabinet in central government.

Decisions made by the Executive are made in line with our overall policies and budget. When key decisions are to be discussed or made they are published in Forward Plans. 

The Executive can also delegate decisions to Officers. To see current officer decisions read our officer decisions page.

Decisions taken by the Executive can be scrutinised by our Overview and Scrutiny Committees. How our  decisions are scrutinised is very important.

The Council is the forum for debating major issues . A number of topics - like setting the level of Council Tax - can only be considered by the Council. They can't be delegated to any other body. Membership of the Council is all 54 elected councillors.

Individual Executive Members can also make formal decisions provided they meet the requirements detailed in chapter 5.5 of the Constitution.

Meetings at which decisions are made are open to the public unless a personal or confidential matter is being discussed. You can see committee meeting minutes and agendas online.

Finally across our Borough there are a number of Parish and Town Councils. These represent the interests of their residents on a more local level.

The Council has full time staff who work to provide services and implement the decisions made by councillors.

How we work is guided by our:

Overview and Scrutiny committees

Overview and Scrutiny committees:

  • Make sure the work of Executive is being delivered efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Raise ideas for policy
  • Investigate the work of partner organisations or external bodies like the NHS

See information and membership of the Overview and Scrutiny committees

The Centre for Public Scrutiny website provides more information about the scrutiny of public services. 

Councillor call for action

This means your local ward councillor can ask for a discussion to take place at an Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting if they agree it's appropriate.

This is for unresolved issues of neighbourhood concern affecting single wards.

If there is an unresolved issue affecting your community contact your local councillor.

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