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17th January 2024

Tackling Poverty Strategy

How we're reducing poverty in the area

Our plan to make a difference

We have a plan to stop poverty in Wokingham Borough. This is outlined in our Tackling Poverty Strategy.

This was created with The Hardship Alliance, leaders from the borough's voluntary and community sector, and other organisations from the area.

Our long term aspiration is doing everything we can to prevent poverty, working towards ending it completely in our borough. We are aiming to:

  • Lessen the short-term effects of poverty
  • Prevent more people falling into poverty
  • Better support our residents living in poverty
  • Enable residents to better address the barriers to overcoming poverty

Who are we aiming to help

The strategy aims to help three main groups:

  • People in persistent hardship - these are people on low income, Universal Credit or other benefits
  • People who are just about managing - these are people who don’t have much money left at the end of the month
  • People who are asset rich, cash poor - these are people who own a home or a car, which is an asset, but they don’t have much money

The Hardship Alliance

The Hardship Alliance was formed in 2022 to tackle poverty in the borough. The group works in partnership with us on this issue.

It created the Tackling Poverty Strategy to set out how it would do this.

The aims of the strategy are to support people out of poverty, strengthen community resilience to prevent people falling into poverty and improving life opportunities for those living in poverty.

The members are:

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