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3rd July 2023

Doorstep Safety

Find out about how to keep safe when answering the door

Daily actions

When answering the door to someone you don't know:

  • Before opening the front door make sure that your back door and windows are locked
  • Use your door-chain or door-bar when answering the door
  • Ask to see the caller's identity card and check it carefully
  • Don't let the callers put pressure on you to let them in
  • Ensure strangers are not left alone in your home
  • If you are suspicious - ring the police on 999

If you're unsure

If you're not sure of the identity of a caller:

  • If you've seen the caller's identification and you're still not sure if they're identity ask the caller to wait outside whilst you call the company to check their identity - do not use the number provided by the caller, check the phone book or a bill
  • Whilst phoning to check an identity lock the door until you are totally sure - anyone genuine will not mind you doing this
  • If you're interested in the products/services being offered but are concerned about your safety, ask them to return at an agreed day and time when you have someone with you

Home adaptations

You can install adaptations to help improve your safety:

  • Install a peephole: it has to be fixed at a suitable height for your eyes, and appropriate for the thickness of your door
  • Consider installing an intercom: when your visitors arrive they push the bell as usual which rings a telephone near your front door, when you pick up your visitor can speak directly to you using the audio speaker attached to the front door
  • Make sure that outside light is sufficient for you to see callers 

Easy read guide 

Read our easy read guide on Keeping Adults Safe and Where to go for Help (PDF document)

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