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24th January 2024

PREVENT - Safeguarding against extremism and terrorism

What is PREVENT?

PREVENT is a government programme which is about safeguarding adults and children who may be susceptible to all forms of extremism or radicalisation.  

The aim is to act early by spotting the warning signs of an individual at risk of being drawn or groomed into extremist and terrorism ideologies and provide early intervention and support:

How PREVENT works in Wokingham

We work with partners to understand the risks which may impact the local area, to provide training for professionals and to raise awareness across our communities.  

The Council operates a multi-agency partnership called a Channel Panel which provides support to vulnerable individuals who are at risk of being influenced by extremist ideologies.

PREVENT in Wokingham forms part of the borough’s Community Safety Partnership which aims to build strong and safe communities and to work together to protect vulnerable residents. 

For more information on this partnership visit our Community Safety Partnership page.

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