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Hate crime

Hate crime

Report a hate crime

Contact Thames Valley Police to report a hate crime.

It is important that anyone who is a victim of, or witness to, hate crime to report it.

A hate crime is an offence committed against a person because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender or age. Hate crimes include: violence, graffiti, arson, verbal abuse and intimidation.

Read our what is hate crime? information leaflet (PDF document) or the stop hate crime leaflet (PDF document) for more details and advice.

Report it and stop someone else becoming a victim

It is important to report a hate crime because it affects the victim, their family, friends and community. Your report may stop someone else becoming a victim. Reporting incidents provides valuable information which may contribute to the arrest of the offender/s. Reporting enables us to build up patterns of behaviour, which can be used to set up projects to combat hate crime in local areas.

If you don't report hate crime offenders may commit similar offences again. 

Stop hate crime

Visit the Home Office website which gives clear information on how to stop hate crime.

Types of actions that can be taken include: 

  • Providing extra home security for victims
  • Increasing regular patrols in areas
  • Advice and support for victims
  • Removal of offensive graffiti
  • Early intervention work with perpetrators to prevent their behaviour escalating or becoming more serious
  • Enforcement of tenancy agreements with perpetrators
  • Prosecution of serious offenders

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