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13th July 2023

Targeted youth service

How the targeted youth service works

Time for change - what's new?

The Youth Service (as you may know it) has changed. The service now is no longer a traditional Youth Service.

The service is now a fully targeted service and not the open access provision we once were.

  • The new Targeted Youth Service works directly on a one to one basis with young people who are in the greatest need.
  • This will enable youth practitioners to give a tailored and personal support program directly with young people. This work will be carried out after a formal referral.

The old service in its history provided hundreds of young people with a safe haven and place to develop and grow. We operated across 6 central youth centres and a variety of other provisions. Some of these centres are now closed and not owned by the new Targeted Youth Service.

Local institutions such as parish councils have taken over the running of some of these buildings.

To find a local youth centre go to the community directory:

Youth Clubs

What does our targeted youth service offer?

Our Targeted Youth Support Service works with young people and families to ensure that vulnerable young people are supported.

We have targeted youth workers who are skilled in building supportive relationships with vulnerable young people which can help to prevent problems occurring and escalating.

This is done through:

  • Assessing needs
  • Working with other agencies
  • Mentoring and group work.

Who do we work with?

Young people who have substantial, persistent and significant needs

  • Young people at who are disengaging from crucial support
  • Young people at risk of re-offending, have involvement with the youth offending service or are persistently involved in offending and anti-social behaviour
  • Young people who are in care
  • Young people who have a negative self-perception, low self-esteem and low motivation
  • Young people who are experiencing social exclusion and deprivation

Where are we based now?

We are now a smaller service operating out of:

Along with our targeted work we also run:

  • A variety of drop in services to cater to every young person sexual health needs.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh scheme, this is open to all.

Make a referral

Details of how to make a referral to the Targeted Youth Service can be found on our: 

Early Help Service page

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