Paying for care and support

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Request a needs assessment

Your eligibility and the needs assessment process

Admin charges for adult social care services

Manage the cost of care, short breaks, and support

Benefits for people with a disability

Council tax reduction, PIP, DLA, and more

Charging for residential care

Financial assessments and contributions

Deferred payments

Eligibility, how it works, and additional costs

Financial assessments

Calculating the cost of different forms of care

Personal budgets

How to get one and what can they be used for

Non-residential charging

Using government guidance to calculate charges

If you can't make your own decisions

Information on assigning Lasting Power of Attorney

Independent financial advice and care planning

Costs, appointees, choosing a financial adviser

Paying for support with a direct payment

Request a direct payment to use a personal budget

2022 Cost of Care Exercise

Updates and reports regarding Cost of Care

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