Last updated:

29th January 2024

Bringing about a brighter social care future in Wokingham Borough

Everyone should have the support, resources and opportunities to live in a place they call home, with the people and things that they love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing the things that matter most.

Sometimes, we or the people we care about, may need help to achieve this due to a health condition or disability. This is the role of social care.

The future of social care in the Wokingham Borough

  1. Communities where everyone belongs
  2. Living in the place we call home
  3. Leading the lives we want to live
  4. More resources, better used
  5. Sharing power as equals

We will bring about positive change by

  • Working together as equal partners
  • Treating everyone with honesty and fairness
  • Respecting the diversity of people
  • Including and listening to everyone
  • Building on people’s strengths, their networks, and resources from the local community
  • Using clear, kind and easy to understand communication and information
  • Being open when things are difficult to do, and work out what we can do together
  • Focusing our efforts on what is important to people and make sure it is happening

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