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23rd November 2023

Copy certificate information

What is a copy certificate?

A certified copy certificate is an exact copy of an original entry in a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership register.

How can I order a copy certificate?

You need to establish first which Register Office will hold the original entry in the register. If the birth, death, marriage or civil partnership happened in the Wokingham district you can order a copy from us.

If the event happened in a district other than Wokingham you will need to apply to the relevant Register Office for that area.  For example, if a person was born or died in the Royal Berkshire Hospital then the record would be held at the Reading Register Office. You can check which Register Office to contact by entering the postcode for the place where the event took place on the website.

For an overseas registration you may be able to order a certified copy certificate through the General Register Office. Visit the General Register Office website or telephone their helpline on 0300 123 1837 for more details.

Information required    

  • Full name, or names, on the original certificate
  • Maiden name, or previous surnames, if appropriate
  • Date of event
  • Place of marriage for a marriage certificate
  • Parent's names for a full birth certificate - short birth certificates are no longer issued
  • Place of birth
  • Deceased's date of birth for a death certificate
  • Applicant's name, address and contact details and their relationship to the person(s) on certificate
  • Reason why the copy certificate is required
  • The number of copy certificates required


Copy certificates cost £11 each and will be produced within 15 working days.

The statutory fee for a next working day service is £35 per certificate.

If you can’t supply the relevant information we’ll do a manual search for a cost of £18 plus a fee of £11 for the issue of the certificate.

Order a copy certificate

You can use our website form to order a copy certificate from us

Free public access for research 

Indexes to all register entries are available at the following places in microfiche format:

  • The British Library
  • Birmingham Central Library
  • Bridgend Reference and Information Library
  • City of Westminster Archives Centre
  • Greater Manchester County Record Office
  • The London Metropolitan Archives
  • Plymouth Central Library

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