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Citizenship ceremonies

Citizenship ceremonies

How to book

Before you can go to a citizenship ceremony you need to apply for British citizenship. 

Visit Gov.uk website British citizenship information to find out how to apply.

When your application is complete the Home Office will tell you to book a citizenship ceremony with your local Register Office.

Visit Gov.uk website citizenship ceremonies information to find out more about citizenship ceremonies.

What happens at the ceremony?

  • A registration officer gives a welcome with speeches from the Borough Mayor and the Lord Lieutenant for Berkshire or his or her deputy
  • Each applicant then separately reads from a card their oath or affirmation
  • All applicants then state their pledge of loyalty together
  • Each applicant is then presented with their Certificate of Naturalisation from one of the dignitaries
  • Finally everyone is asked to stand whilst the National Anthem is played

The ceremony lasts about one and a half hours.

All new citizens and their guests are then invited to meet the dignitaries informally and have a cup of tea or coffee.


A professional photographer is not provided however anyone at the ceremony is allowed to take photos. At the end of the ceremony the dignitaries are happy to have their photographs taken with attendees.

Private ceremonies

If you can't attend a group ceremony within the time allowed, or you'd prefer one, a private ceremony can be arranged. 

A private ceremony costs £126 and can be arranged Monday to Friday.

We can also quote for costs at other approved premises and for weekends.

Call us on 0118 974 6000 for further information or to book a ceremony.

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