Last updated:

9th January 2024

Consultation for South Wokingham Distributor Road

From June to August 2014, we consulted on route options for the South Wokingham Distributor Road. We got about 304 responses. There was a clear public preference for Option B – the central route.

On 27 November 2014, our Executive gave approval for Option B to be taken forward, including investigation of 2 minor route deviations: (a) south of Knoll Farm and (b) west of Easthampstead Road. 

Selected route refinement 

Refinement work has been undertaken to further understand the delivery implications of the preferred route. This involved undertaking surveys works and developing an outline highway alignment. The alignment was developed to minimise land take, maximise developable areas, and to take account of the need for flood mitigation.  

On 26 March 2015, our Executive gave approval for the Eastern Gateway scheme to be developed in advance of the rest of the distributor road. The works include a rail overbridge at Montague Park. 

The advancing of the Eastern Gateway section would:

  • Enable the closure of the Waterloo Road Level Crossing which would provide significant improvements to both road and rail safety for all users  
  • Assist in unlocking some development areas
  • Assist in alleviating some road traffic cutting through residential roads to the north of the railway


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