Last updated:

22nd March 2024

Resident resource centre

Resource centre and community houses

What is the Residents Resource Centre

  • 10 Targett Court, Winnersh, Berkshire, RG41 5HP
  • Open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday

The Residents Resource Centre provides

  • Advice and support on any housing or community related matter   
  • A direct link to the Involved Tenants and Leaseholders and the Tenant and Leaseholder Involvement Team
  • A venue for tenants and leaseholder meetings
  • Computer access for Involved Tenants and the wider community
  • Rent and housing surgeries
  • Venue for training
  • Venue for Tenant and Leaseholder Involvement activities and events

Community houses / flats

The Housing Service provides 2 community houses at

Each house or flat is managed by a member of the Community Development Team.

These facilities provide

  • A direct link to the Community Development Team
  • A variety of community activities and learning opportunities for adults and young people
  • Rent and housing surgeries
  • Computers and laptops with free internet access

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