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Complaints and compliments

Complaints and compliments

Reporting problems

Our commitment

We are committed to providing the best possible services. However sometimes things can go wrong. When they do we need to know so we can put them right and learn for the future.   

We want to hear about your experiences, both good and bad, so we can continually improve what we do.

All of our staff can respond to a complaint and we aim to

  • Make it easy for you to contact us about any issues
  • Listen and work with you on further action
  • Solve problems at an early stage, within departments when they can
  • Prevent problems happening again
  • Recognise good service

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, perhaps about

  • The service you have received
  • Things you think we should have done, or have not done
  • Our staff or contractors/agents who work on our behalf

A complaint is not when you are reporting a problem such as a faulty streetlight or a pothole.

Types of complaint

Different types of complaints need to be handled in different ways. 

Find out how to complain about:

Use our contact us form for other complaints. 

Our 3 Stage Corporate Complaints Process

We have a 3 stage complaints process for corporate complaints.

Early resolution - an officer from the department you are making the complaint about will contact you within 3 working days of receiving your complaint. This will either be by phone or in person. They will discuss your complaint with you and try to resolve it. If your complaint is resolved they will agree when any required actions will be done by.

Stage 1 - If your complaint can't be resolved at the first attempt the department the complaint is about will investigate further. You should be contacted by someone within 15 working days. 

Stage 2 - If you are dissatisfied with the Stage 1 response you can request for your complaint to move to Stage 2. At Stage 2 the Customer Relations Team will carry out an independent investigation on behalf of the Head of Service for the relevant department. We aim to respond within 20 working days at this stage. More complex complaints may take longer. We'll let you know if we need longer to respond.

Local Government Ombudsman - If you are dissatisfied with the Stage 2 response you can refer your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman website (LGO). The LGO is a national commission which is independent of the Council. The LGO will normally only consider a complaint after it has been through all stages of our complaints process.

Contact us

We're also looking for your comments to help us improve. 

Use our contact us form to tell us what you think we do well, suggestions for improvements or any other comments you have.

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