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How much rent do I pay?

How much rent do I pay?

How much should I pay?


When you start your tenancy we will tell you how much rent and service charges (if applicable) you need to pay. Will advise you of your rent account number and discuss how you wish to pay. You may be asked to make a payment to ensure that your rent account is paid in advance. If you are entitled to Housing Benefit we will ensure you have an opportunity to complete the required forms.

Your rent may include a service charge. This will be for a service that is delivered in your neighbourhood and the cost of the service is divided up and charged to each property that receives it. Your tenancy agreement will outline what services are provided.

Setting up payments

Paying your rent is important and is a priority bill to pay, so please consider how you will pay it and set up regular payments. Payment agreements can be made to suit your arrangements. If you are paid monthly you can pay your rent once a month, but we will expect it to be paid in advance. If for whatever reason your payment pattern changes you must let the rent team know, for example if you lose employment, or there are changes to your Housing Benefit claim.

We will support you

Our specialised rent team will support you from the time you sign your tenancy agreement. They will ensure that you have options to pay your rent and meet your tenancy obligations.

How we set rent charges

We set rents in line with government guidelines. Any increase in rent will be accordance with these government guidelines.

Will my rent increase?

If your rent changes, we will let you know at least 4 weeks before you start paying the new rental amount. Any increase in rents will be explained in a letter and in the tenants quarterly magazine Housing Matters.

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