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Copy certificate information

Copy certificate information

What is a copy certificates

A certified copy certificate is an exact copy of an original entry in a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership register. 

If the event happened in the Wokingham district we can produce a copy certificate. 

If the event happened in a district other than Wokingham you'll need to apply to the relevant Register Office or General Register Office for that area. 

For an overseas registration you may be able to order a certified copy certificate online through the General Register Office. Visit the General Register Office website for more details.

Information required    

  • Full name(s) for certificate
  • Maiden name if appropriate
  • Date of event
  • Place of marriage (name of church and parish) for a marriage certificate
  • Parent's names for a full birth certificate
  • Place of birth
  • Deceased's date of birth for a death certificate
  • Applicant's name, address and contact details and relationship to the person(s) on certificate
  • Purpose for copy of certificate 
  • Number of certificates required


If register is still current (up to 1 month after the last entry in the register) the cost for each certificate is £7.

If the register is closed and archived the cost for each certificate is £10. Copy certificates will be produced within 5 working days.

Our express service costs £25. Copy certificate will be produced within 24 hours on a working day.

If you can't supply the relevant information we'll do a manual search for a cost of £18 plus a fee of £10 for the issue of the certificate.

Order a copy certificate

You can use our website form to order a copy certificate from us

Free public access for research 

Indexes to all register entries are available at the following places in microfiche format:

  • The British Library
  • Birmingham Central Library
  • Bridgend Reference and Information Library
  • City of Westminster Archives Centre
  • Greater Manchester County Record Office
  • The London Metropolitan Archives
  • Plymouth Central Library
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