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Host families (Ukraine Family Scheme)

Host families (Ukraine Family Scheme)

The Ukraine Family Scheme allows people who are fleeing Ukraine to join their family members who are British nationals, UK-settled people and in certain other situations.

You can read full criteria on eligibility to the Ukraine Family Scheme on Gov.uk.

It is free to apply. Those who are eligible will be able to live, work and study in the UK and access public funds.

Family member from Ukraine

Complete our Ukraine family survey to provide information on people arriving into Wokingham Borough from Ukraine.

It can be filled in by you, or for you by your host, family member or a representative.

The information is being used to help us know where you will be living, plan support and help you.

If you are expecting an arrival from Ukraine as part of the Homes for Ukraine (Ukraine Sponsorship) scheme, do not fill in the survey.

Applying for school

Go to our Ukraine support applying for school webpages for details on how to apply and other key information.

Local support

Our partners at Citizens Advice Wokingham will be opening up its One Front Door service to support Ukrainian families who need help. You can contact them via:  

There won’t be any Ukrainian or Russian speakers available, so you may have to be on hand to help your guest     

Just get in touch, make clear the type of help you need and they’ll connect you with the right charity or organisation to provide support. This covers everything from food, school uniforms, mental health help and more.

If you require any further help or want more information to know how we’ll help Ukrainian families coming to our borough, email yoursupport@wokingham.gov.uk.

Private fostering

If you are taking in someone who is under 16 without a parent and you are not a close relative, you may be entering into private fostering. This applies if it the period of time is more than 28 days.

Close relatives are defined as the child’s grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or step-parents. If this is the case, you may be entitled to extra advice and support.

For more information, or to notify us if this is the case with your family who are arriving into the UK, call us on 0118 908 8002 or email triage@wokingham.gov.uk

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