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4th August 2023

Coming from Ukraine

Tell us your needs

Complete our Ukraine family survey to provide information on people arriving into Wokingham Borough from Ukraine.

It can be filled in by you, or for you by your host, family member or a representative.

The information is being used to help us know where you will be living, plan support and help you.

If you are expecting an arrival from Ukraine as part of the Homes for Ukraine (Ukraine Sponsorship) scheme, do not fill in the survey.

Getting the right help

Our partners at Citizens Advice Wokingham will be opening up its One Front Door service to support Ukrainian families who need help. You can contact them via:  

There won’t be any Ukrainian or Russian speakers available, so you may have to get an English speaker to help. 

Just get in touch, make clear the type of help you need and they’ll connect you with the right charity or organisation to get the help you need. This covers everything from food, school uniforms, mental health help and more.

Health services

The National Health Service (NHS) provides healthcare to everyone in the UK. Many services are free and you'll not be asked about your immigration status.

You can get medical help in different ways:


  • If you need advice about medicines to take or use for minor health problems see your local pharmacist 
  • A pharmacist is a qualified healthcare professional who can recognise many common complaints
  • You can see a pharmacist or buy medicines for common or minor health problems at your local pharmacy or at a large supermarket
  • If your family doctor (GP) prescribes medicines for you, you can also collect them at pharmacies
  • Your host family should be able to help you find a local pharmacy or use the search below:

Search for a local pharmacist

Doctors / General Practitioners (GPs)

  • GPs, as they are known, are your family doctors and they can treat many conditions , give health advice or refer you to other National Health Service services if needed
  • It's free to register with a GP and you do not need proof of address, immigration status, or identity documents
  • To find a local Doctor use the search below:

Search for a doctor

If you have problems finding or registering with a local GP phone NHS England Customer Service Centre on 0300 311 22 33.

Trauma support

We know you've been through a traumatic time. To speak to somebody email us at and we'll arrange support for you.

Applying for school

Go to our Ukraine support applying for school webpages for details on how to apply and other key information.

What to do in an emergency in the UK

If someone’s life is in danger or a crime is taking place, you should telephone 999. You will then be asked which service you need:

  • For a medical emergency ask for an ambulance
  • if there is a fire ask for the fire brigade - they put out fires and may deal with car accidents and other issues - they are also trained in First Aid so sometimes arrive first if they can get there before the ambulance
  • If you are in danger or a crime is taking place ask for the police

 If you need help from the police but it is not an emergency and you are not in immediate danger call 101.

When you call 999 you will also be asked:

  • where are you?
  • what phone number are you calling from?
  • what has happened?

Only call  999 in the case of an emergency.

If you're unwell or have had an accident but there is no immediate threat to life call 111. This is a free phone number that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also access the non-emergency service online from the button below:

Get medical help

Government welcome guides

The government has now published its welcome guides for people arriving from Ukraine. These are available in English, Ukrainian and Russian via the links below.   

Factsheets and welcome packs

The government has  published a factsheet for those arriving through the Homes for Ukraine scheme. These can be downloaded as PDFs using the following links:

There’s also a checklist of what someone moving from Ukraine to the UK needs to do prior to arrival and once they’re here. 

Help from businesses

Other support

There is a Ukrainian Community Centre in the nearby town Reading. To find out more visit:

You can also access the UK Government guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK (PDF document).

We know you will have other questions and you can email us with any questions at


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