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Sports partnerships

Sports partnerships

Local Accredited sports clubs

Read our list of Accredited sports clubs (PDF document).

Inspire Wokingham Sport Partnership

Our 'Inspire Wokingham: Living the Legacy' campaign aims to encourage more people to play sport.  It focuses on reducing the drop-out rate from sport for those aged 16 to 19 - a time when many give up sport. Adults of all ages will also have the chance to play sports they loved when they were younger. We are also providing opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to try out new sports and activities.

Inspire Wokingham is run by the Wokingham 2012 Legacy Group, which includes the Borough Council, sporting organisations and clubs and Berkshire West Primary Care Trust.

Wokingham Borough Sports Council

The Wokingham Borough Sports Council co-ordinates, promotes and develops opportunities and facilities for sports clubs, sportsmen and sportswomen in Wokingham Borough. Membership is open to all sporting bodies, schools, local government, sports centres and other national sporting bodies and councils. For more details visit the Wokingham Borough Sports Council website.

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