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Self help

Self help

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Things children can learn in the first 3 years

Within the first 3 years, young children become able to take an active part in their own physical care and to be a trusted helper in the nursery or their own home. They become steadily more able to:

  • Manage their own toileting and hygiene - the actual physical skills and the intellectual task of remembering and following a sequence
  • Feed themselves, handle drinks and make choices about food
  • Dress and undress, expressing preferences about clothes
  • Take appropriate responsibility within their nursery or home by taking part in tidying up, serving out food and helping in routine daily tasks
  • Make choices about activities and plan a bit ahead with the support of a patient adult

(Source: Nursery World)

Teach your child how to take care of themself

Read the guidance, below, to teach your child how to take care of themself:

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