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In-year school admissions application form

Apply for in-year school admissions - moving to a different school

Use the online form below to apply for a school place for your child in-year:

Indicates mandatory fields

Apply for in year school admission

Information about applying

  • Complete all relevant sections - if you don't your application could be delayed
  • Applications can take 20 school days to process
  • Applications must be a maximum of a half-term in advance of when school place is required

This form can only be used to apply for schools in Wokingham Borough. If your application is for a school outside the borough, check with the local authority where the school is located to see what application form needs to be completed. 

Do not use this form to express preferences for schools which administer their own in-year admissions as you will need to apply to the school directly. A list of these schools is available on our moving to a new school page.

Section 1: Application information

Reason for applying

If moving from abroad we will need to see your and your child’s passport and any necessary visa(s).

Section 2: Child's details

Gender of child

Section 3: Your details


If you are caring for someone else’s child for more than 28 days and are not an immediate relative it is a legal responsibility to  contact us.

Do you have parental responsibility

If this is a new address you will need to provide evidence of your move, including disposal of your previous home for local moves, before the new address can be used for the application.

Is this the child's address
Are you moving
Have you exchanged contracts or completed, or do you have a signed rental agreement for this property - you will need to submit this with your application when it's available

Evidence of the move will be required, including disposal of your current home address. Please advise if there are any changes to these plans as this may affect the allocation of a school place.

Section 4: Current or last school

We may seek further information from your child’s current school to verify information provided on this application form or to determine whether the  Fair Access Protocol (PDF document) should be considered for your child’s application.

Does your child have any fixed or permanent exclusions
Have you discussed the proposed change of schools with your child’s current school
Is there any additional information which you consider is relevant to this application? Do you think your application should receive consideration under our Fair Access Protocol?

Serious consideration should be given to moving a child in year 10 or 11 as this can adversely affect education. While a place may be available at a preferred school subjects may be full or modules may have been completed in a different order to any previous school. You must provide details of the subjects which are being studied in Section 5F.

Section 4: School preferences

You may list up to 4 school preferences and your reasons for those preferences.

Rank them with the school you prefer most as number 1. 
This form can only be used to apply for schools in Wokingham Borough. If your application is for a school outside the borough, please check with the local authority where the school is located to see what application form needs to be completed. 
Applications for Earley St Peter’s CE Aided Primary School, Nine Mile Ride Primary School, Bohunt School and St Crispins School must be made by completing the application available on the school’s website and submitting direct to the school.

Section 5: Additional information

A. Does your child have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC)?:
B. Is the child looked after or previously looked after by a local authority?: (Relevant supporting information will be required.)
C. Are you applying on grounds of serious medical, physical, psychological, or social need? (Evidence from professionals required):
D. Are you applying on denominational grounds? (Applicable to voluntary aided schools only. Evidence will be required to be submitted directly to the school):
E. Does your child have a sibling(s), living at the same address, already attending any of your preferred schools? (*If 'yes', please complete details below):

For Year 10 and 11 pupils - provide details of GCSE or other qualifications being studied below:


If you're considering moving your child in these year groups it could be difficult to match the curriculum or space in teaching groups for subjects that accommodate a limited number of pupils for safety. For example science and technology or courses that are already full at the school.

G Names and date of birth of other applications submitted at the same time:

Section 6: Declaration


The local authority reserves the right to carry out further investigations and require additional evidence to verify information contained in this form, including contacting the child’s previous school.


Please note that the information will not be disclosed to any other organisation without your consent other than to schools, other local authorities or government agencies e.g. Department for Education or Local Government Ombudsman for school admission purposes. Please refer to In-year Guide for further information.

I have attached (below) supporting information relating to

I declare that the information I have given on this form is correct and that I am the person with parental responsibility for the child named above.

I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, the declared address will continue to be the child’s residence beyond the start of school and will advise the school admissions team of any changes. 
I have read and understood the admission arrangements and criteria for all of my preferred schools and have completed and submitted any additional or supplementary information forms which may be required.

I understand that applications can take 20 school days to process once all supporting evidence has been submitted.

I understand that any place offered may be withdrawn if I give false or misleading information.

Personal information contained in this form is subject (EU) General Data Protection Regulations. For more information visit the privacy webpage

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