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In year admissions - moving to a new school

In year admissions - moving to a different school

Availability of School Places

You need to be aware that all schools in Wokingham are heavily oversubscribed. Many year groups in our schools are already full with local children and it is not always possible to offer children a place at their preferred school during an academic year.

If you are considering moving to Wokingham, there is no guarantee of an immediate school place, and you may be offered a school that is not your preference.

For more information regarding applying for a school place in-year, please read the Local coordinated in-year admissions (PDF document), and our Parents Guide to In-year Applications (PDF document.) before making an application. 

Children new to the area, changing schools in-year or without a school

Due to the unprecedented amount of In Year school applications currently being received, there will be a delay to our response times.

The number of calls the team takes dramatically impacts the time taken to complete the application process. Therefore, the quickest and easiest way to contact the school admissions team is by email schooladmissions@wokingham.gov.uk.

When sending an email, please ensure that all the information requested is in one email and additional or chaser emails are not sent.

If you are a resident in Wokingham, your application will be monitored until a school place has been secured and we will contact you for more information if required. If you live outside of Wokingham, you should contact your home Local Authority for further advice.

We appreciate your patience during this extremely busy time.

Arrivals from Hong Kong on the British National (Overseas) visa

Welcome to the U.K. and welcome to Wokingham, there is a wealth of information available regarding School Admissions on our website.

Please ensure that when you complete an application for your child to attend school that you include details of your previous address in Hong Kong. If you want to apply for a school place during an academic year, you must submit an In-Year Admissions application.         

Read our School Admissions Parents Guide for Hong Kong Nationals (PDF document) for details about school admissions, which we have translated into Traditional Chinese.     

You can also read the Welcome Pack for arrivals from Hong Kong on the Gov.Uk website for more details about school admissions. 

Applying for a school place outside of normal admissions

You can make an application to move from one school to another at any time of year.

Applications will be considered half a term in advance of the place being required. For entry to school at the start of term or half term, an application will need to be received by the School Admissions Team, 15 school days in advance of the commencement  date.  

To apply complete the In year school admission online form      

Please apply online where possible. If you are unable to apply online, complete our in year school admission application form (PDF document) and email it to: schooladmissions@wokingham.gov.uk

School Preference Options

Parents may express a preference for up to 4 schools and consideration will be given to each preference. It should be noted that where parents apply in-year, this means that places are being sought for year groups that have already been allocated during  the general transfer rounds. 

Our schools are popular so it is likely that a preferred school may be full. It is recommended that parents express more than one preference in order to maximise the extent to which preferences can be met. Places can't be held open for those applicants moving to a school’s designated area and there is no guarantee that a place will be available at preferred schools. 

It is advisable to contact the School Admissions Team prior to any house move to determine where there are school places and to verify the new home address’ designated area, if this is important to you. It should be noted that the information given is only current on the date you contact us and is subject to change as applications are received on a daily basis or places allocated from waiting lists. 

Some Infant, Primary and junior schools require in-year applications directly, these are listed below.

Refer to the school's website to apply for a place at the school or to view the school’s admission arrangements:

Alder Grove Primary School are opening a second year 3 class from September 2023. Please visit the Alder Grove Admissions website to apply for a place at this school.

Visit the Charvil Piggott Primary School admissions website

Visit the Earley St Peter's Primary school admissions

Visit the Hatch Ride Primary School admissions website

Visit the Nine Mile Ride Primary School admissions website

Visit the Oaklands Infant School admissions website 

Visit the Oaklands Junior School admissions website

Visit the Shinfield Infant and Nursery School admissions website 

Visit the St Teresa's Catholic Academy admissions website

Visit the Wescott Infant School admissions website    

Visit the Westende Junior School admissions website

Some Secondary schools require in-year applications directly, these are listed below

Refer to the school's website to apply for a place at the school or view the school’s admission arrangements:

Visit the The Emmbrook School admissions website

Visit the Bohunt School admissions website

Visit the Forest School admissions website

Visit the Oakbank Secondary School admissions website

Visit the St Crispins School admissions website

Visit the The Piggott School admissions website

Visit the Waingels Secondary School admissions website

If you want to apply to one of the Infant, Primary or Junior schools below, then you will need to apply to Wokingham Borough Council and make an in-year application

Visit the Aldryngton Primary School website    

Visit the All Saints Primary School website 

Visit the Bearwood Primary School website 

Visit the Beechwood Primary School website

Visit the Crazies Hill Primary School website 

Visit the Emmbrook Infant School website

Visit the Emmbrook Junior School website

Visit the Farley Hill Primary School website

Visit the Finchampstead Primary School website 

Visit the Floreat Montague Park Primary School website

Visit the Gorse Ride Infants School Primary School website 

Visit the Gorse Ride Junior School website 

Visit the Grazeley Parochial School website 

Visit the Hawkedon Primary School website 

Visit the Highwood Primary School website 

Visit the Hillside Primary School website 

Visit the Keep Hatch Primary School website 

Visit the Lambs Lane Primary School website 

Visit the Loddon Primary School website 

Visit the Polehampton Infant School website 

Visit the Polehampton Junior School website 

Visit the Radstock Primary School website 

Visit the Rivermead Primary School website 

Visit the Robert Piggott CofE Infant School website 

Visit the Robert Piggott CofE Junior School website 

Visit the Shinfield St Mary’s Junior School website 

Visit the Sonning Primary School website

Visit the South Lake Primary School website 

Visit the St Dominic Savio Catholic School website 

Visit the St Nicholas CofE Primary School website 

Visit the St Paul's CofE Junior School website 

Visit the St Sebastian's CofE Primary School website

Visit the Colleton Primary School website 

Visit the Coombes Primary School website 

Visit the Hawthorns Primary School website 

Visit the Walter Infant School website 

Visit the Willow Bank Infant School website 

Visit the Willow Bank Junior School website 

Visit the Windmill Primary School website 

Visit the Winnersh Primary School website

Visit the Wheatfield Primary School website

Visit the Whiteknights Primary School website 

Visit the Woodley CofE Primary School website 

If you want to apply to one of the Secondary schools below, then you will need to apply to Wokingham Borough Council and make an in-year application

visit The Bulmershe School website

Visit The Maiden Erlegh School website

Visit The Holt School website


When you make an application to us you can list up to 4 schools, in order of preference. 

  • Every address in the borough has a designated area school. This school is given the highest priority for admissions and we advise you include this as one of your choices. 
  • You can find out what your designated area school is by using our Schools designated areas map.
  • You can also use our directory to view a list of all the state schools in our borough.
  • You can choose any state school, even if it isn't in our borough. If you wish to apply for a school outside of the Borough you will need to contact the relevant local authority and apply using their appropriate form.
  • If you want to apply to a independent school you will need to apply to the school directly.

Admission policies and arrangements

Every school follows a set of rules when they allocate school places known as admission arrangements.  To see the current admission arrangements go to the admission arrangements 2022 to 2023 web page.

Schools performance

You can find out how each school is performing on our schools performance webpage.

Schools in other boroughs

If you've selected a school in another borough, you should check to make sure if there are any extra forms you need to complete. You can find our neighbouring boroughs below:

Moving address

If you are moving: 

  • Into the borough from another local authority
  • Into the borough from overseas 
  • Within the borough

You should apply using our in-year application form. You should give as much information about your prospective address as you can. As proof of address we accept:

  • Solicitor’s letter confirming contracts have been exchanged
  • Tenancy agreement (page showing details of new address and last page signed by landlord and tenant)
  • New Quarter information if this is a military posting with provided accommodation  
  • Assignment Order if this is a military posting but New Quarter has not yet been notified.       

Further information we need if you are moving from overseas

If you are moving into the borough from overseas we will need to see a copy of both your passport and your child's passport and visa if necessary. 

Moving to a different school in Wokingham

If you're not moving house, but want your child to change schools for other reasons, you can apply using the in-year application form.

If you are moving your child to another school because your child is unhappy, we recommend that you talk to the school before deciding to change schools as this can be disruptive to your child’s education.

Moving to a different school in another local authority

If you want your child to move to a school in another borough, you'll need to apply to the borough where the school is based.

 You can find our neighbouring boroughs below:

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