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In-year school place acceptance form

In-year school place acceptance form

Use the online form below to accept or decline the offer of an in year school place offer.

Make sure you complete this form by the date indicated in the email or letter. If you don't your child's school place could be withdrawn.

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Schools and education - In-year school place acceptance form 2020

If you are appealing for an alternative school the appeal process will not be affected by accepting this offer of a school place. However, you need to accept an offer to ensure your child has a school place.

It is the duty of a Local Authority to ensure that your child receives an education. If you are making alternative arrangements for your child you must inform your home authority (the one to which you pay your Council Tax).

If you decline the offer please advise what alternative arrangements you have made, e.g. name of school.

If you wish to add more preferences to your application please email schooladmissions@wokingham.gov.uk with a full list of all of your preferred schools listed in the order of your priority.

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