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In-year school place acceptance form

In-year school place acceptance form

Use the online form below to accept or decline the offer of an in year school place offer.

Make sure you complete this form by the date indicated in the email or letter. If you don't your child's school place could be withdrawn.

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Schools and education - In-year school place acceptance

A letter offering a school place was sent to you. This school place offer must be taken up within the declared half-term. Failure to take up the offer of a place during this time will mean that the offer is withdrawn and the place released.

If you have not received an offer of your higher ranked preferred school(s), this letter will include important information regarding the allocation and your right of appeal. This may answer any questions you may have, so please wait to receive it before contacting the school admissions team, as telephone lines are likely to be busy. Please use this form (or the paper form sent to you) to accept or decline the school place offer. 

If you are completing this online acceptance form there is no need to return the paper copy.

Please accept or decline your place within 14 days of the date of your offer letter.

Failure to accept the place offered will result in one further written reminder and failure to respond within the time given will result in the offer being withdrawn.

If you are living in the Wokingham Borough, it is our duty to ensure that your child receives an education. If you are making alternative arrangements for your child you must inform us.

To ensure your child has a school place, it is recommended that you accept this offer. If you are appealing for an alternative school, the appeal process will not be affected by accepting this school place offer.

Waiting list information:

Please indicate below whether you wish your child to remain on the waiting list of any higher ranked preferred schools.
Please select one of the following statements:
Declaration: I understand that I will be contacted periodically to see whether I wish my child to remain on a school waiting list and that failure to respond will mean that my child’s name will be removed from the waiting list.  It is also my responsibility to ensure that the school admissions team is informed in writing when I no longer want my child to remain on a school waiting list at any other time, or if there are any changes to my application which may affect the waiting list position.

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