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Accept a secondary school place

Accept a secondary school place

Use the online form below to accept or decline the offer of a year 7 place at a secondary school for September 2020.

Make sure you complete this form by the date indicated in the email or letter. If you don't your child's school place could be withdrawn:

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Schools and education - Accept a place at a secondary school

It is the duty of the home local authority (LA) to ensure that your child receives an education.  To ensure your child has a school place for September 2020 it is recommended that you accept this offer or advise what alternative arrangements you  are making for your child’s education.  If you are appealing for an alternative school, the appeal process will not be affected by accepting this school place offer.         

Waiting list information


Please indicate below whether you wish your child to remain on the waiting list of any higher ranked preferred schools. It is your  responsibility to ensure that the school admissions team is kept up to date on whether your child is to remain on a waiting list. We will send periodic reminders.

If you choose to go on the waiting list and a school you ranked higher than the school you were offered becomes available, the current offer will be withdrawn automatically (and allocated to the next child on the waiting list if applicable) and the higher ranked school place will be allocated to you.
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