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What to put in recycling box

What to put in recycling boxes

What can be disposed of in recycling box

  • Aerosols
  • All food tins and drinks cans
  • Paper and card including window envelopes - shredded paper should be put in envelopes or cardboard boxes
  • Plastic bottles without lids
  • Broken down cardboard which must fit in the box or be in box size bundles placed to side of box
  • Tubs (Ice cream and margarine)
  • Clear plastic food trays (e.g. cakes, meat or punnet containers)
  • Cosmetic pots and tubs (made with flexible plastic)
  • Cartons or tetrapaks (milk, soup or juice) – all without lids
  • Clean foil and foil trays

What can't be disposed of in recycling box

For a printable / pictorial guide see what can I recycle (PDF document).

Why we don't recycle black plastic

The majority of black packaging is coloured using carbon black or dark pigments. These are not recognised by the optical sorting systems used in plastic recycling, including at Re3’s Materials Recycling Facility.

Work is being done in the recycling industry to use more detectable black colourants. But at the moment we can't recycle black plastic.

Greenredeem rewards for recycling

Greenredeem is a scheme that rewards you for recycling, You can earn points for your recycling. These can be redeemed for various rewards. To find out more and register visit the Greenredeem website.

Other recycling options 

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