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Recycling bags

Waste and recycling bag delivery underway

New recycling bags

New waterproof recycling bags, green food waste bags and blue general waste bags are being delivered throughout the borough.

The 2 recycling bags, roll of food waste bags and the annual supply of 2 rolls of 40 blue bags will be dropped on doorsteps altogether with all residents receiving them by mid April.

Waterproof bags to replace black recycling boxes

The waterproof recycling bags, which will replace the existing black boxes, should start being used as soon as  you receive them, just clearly mark your house name or number on the bags.

Each household will initially receive 2 bags and more will be available once the delivery roll out is complete. Check our recycling pages during April. If you need more than 2 bags, you can continue to use your black boxes initially but only for the non-paper/card items such as cans, tins and plastics.

Why are black boxes being replaced?

In late 2019, paper and card processing plants stopped accepting wet materials. We are replacing the black boxes with sealable waterproof recycling bags to ensure the paper and card you put out stays dry and meets the new standards.

Once residents have made the switch to the bags, we encourage repurposing the boxes at home for storage.

  • The waterproof bags will help the council meet its target of 70 percent recycling by 2030
  • They are weighted at the bottom so they won't blow away
  • They have a capacity to hold 60 litres
  • They are made of long lasting materials and should last up to 5 years
  • They are lighter than the boxes so easier to take back inside
  • The bags must be securely closed at all times to keep the materials dry
  • Oversized cardboard needs to be broken down and placed in the bags 

No changes for flats / communal properties

This change does not affect communal properties such as flats.

What shall I do with old black boxes?

Try to repurpose your black recycling boxes. Do not leave your unwanted recycling boxes out with your bin collection. There will be a dedicated collection period later this year.

More details

Read our recycling bags questions and answers (PDF document) for more details about the changes.

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