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More blue bin bags

Where to buy / collect blue bin bags

Coronavirus update

Advice on blue bags:

  • If you run out of blue bags, please see if you can borrow some from a neighbour
  • If you run out and cannot borrow from a neighbour, contact us and we will try to schedule a delivery
  • Recycle as much as possible to conserve your supply of blue bags
  • For properties missed in the round of deliveries that received vouchers for bags to collect will have bags delivered instead within the next couple of weeks

Buy new / more blue bin bags

You can buy more blue bin bags at £4 for a roll of 10 from various locations - see below. You can only buy 1 roll at a time.

Where to collect / buy blue bin bags

Extra blue bin bags can also be collected in person from various locations.

If you are buying your new blue bin bags they can be purchased from the places below with cash or by cheque:

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