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More blue bin bags

Where to buy / collect blue bin bags

Buy new / more blue bin bags

If you have run out of your annual allocation of blue bin bags you can buy more more at £4 for a roll of 10 from various locations - see below. You can only buy 1 roll at a time.

Where to collect / buy blue bin bags

As some outlets start to re-open following the coronavirus lockdown, how and where you buy blue bin bags from will depend on your location.

Residents of Wokingham and Woodley can pay for more blue bin bags online and then collect these from Wokingham library, Woodley library or Woodley Town Council. To buy these bags:

  • Visit our online payment service (opens in a new window)
  • Make a payment of £4 for one roll of 10 blue bags - you are only permitted to purchase one roll at a time
  • Select 'Rubbish and Garden Waste' as the Account Group
  • Select 'Blue Bags - One Roll ONLY (10 sacks)' as the Account Type
  • Provide your name and full address
  • Click 'Submit'
  • Add your email address to receive an email confirmation with your receipt number or note down your receipt number

Once you have paid visit your chosen outlet, present your receipt number, and you will be given your bags. Please check opening times as these may vary during the re-opening period.

All other residents should call us on 0118 974 6000 to pay for bags and we will arrange delivery. Deliveries are only taking place exceptionally until outlets re-open, at which point deliveries will stop.

We will update this page as we are notified of other outlets re-opening.


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