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How our waste collection services work

How our waste collection services work

  • We supply 80 official branded Wokingham Borough Council  blue bin bags per year for each residence to use to dispose of household waste. No other bag or wheelie bin will be emptied
  • If you live in a flat and use a communal bin - you need to use your own bags
  • The annual allocation of blue bin bags a delivered in February or March each year
  • Blue bin bags are collected from each household once a week from the edge of your property -  find collection days

How to get blue bin bags if you're a new resident

If you're new to the area you can order and collect bags

Just take your voucher to one of the local hubs to collect the bags in person. The number of bags issued, depends on the date you moved in:

New resident between:

  • April and June - 80 blue bags
  • July and September - 60 blue bags
  • October and December - 40 blue bags
  • January and March - 20 blue bags

How to get more blue bags

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