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Annual blue bin bag delivery

See annual blue bin bag delivery dates

The annual blue bag delivery across the borough will be starting from 22 February. Each household will receive 80 bags in 2 rolls of 40 to cover the period between April 2021 and March 2022.

We will also be delivering:

  • 2 waterproof recycling bags which are replacing the existing black boxes
  • A pack of 100 food waste bags

If you need more before then, you can order more blue bags and we'll arrange for them to be delivered within 10 working days or take your receipt to collect them from one of the locations listed on the website.

Look up delivery dates for streets

To search start typing a road / street name and select the road / street name from the list that appears.

Update 25 March - if your road name does not appear but you receive a collection from a smaller caged vehicle you will be receiving a delivery by 9 April.

If you live in a communal property with bulk bins for your general waste and recycling, you will only receive food waste bags by the end of April.

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