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Report problems with manhole covers

Report problems with manhole covers

Urgent faults

If you're reporting a broken, damaged, or missing manhole covers, we treat this as an emergency so call us on 0118 974 6000.

We aim to repair urgent faults within 2 hours.

Non urgent faults

To report problems you'll need:

  • The location of the problem
  • A brief description

Click on the location of the manhole cover on the map.

Report problems with manholes

To report multiple faults you'll need to create a report for each one.

How we respond to problems

Many manhole covers are owned by utility companies such as Thames Water and must be repaired by them. 

We'll investigate and report these issues directly to the responsible company. 

If the cover is maintained by us, we aim to repair faults within 28 days. 

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