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17th October 2023

Request street naming and numbering for new properties

Request new street names and numbers

Why street naming and numbering is important

We name and number streets, as well as approve and register official property addresses. 

We're responsible for allocating house numbers, road names and numbering property conversions. Individuals and developers must not allocate their own house numbers, building or street names. They need permission from the council.

The address of a property is important since many organisations, postal, emergency services and the general public need an efficient means of locating and referencing properties.

If a property is not registered through the street naming and numbering process, it will not appear on the main address database and the owner/occupier might have difficulties in getting mail, goods and services from a variety of sources (e.g. applying for a credit card, or purchasing goods by mail order).

Address data is used by the council, Royal Mail, all statutory undertakers, emergency services, credit agencies, financial institutions, sat navigation system suppliers and many private companies.


There is a charge for naming and numbering new properties. To find out more and also apply select from below:

Street Naming and Numbering - Information About Fees

How to apply

For new properties:

Request street naming and numbering

To confirm a change of address:

Request a change of property name or number 

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