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Find out about dropped kerbs / crossings

Apply for a dropped kerb/crossing

When to apply

Any dropped kerb / crossing will need approval from us.


There is an initial non-refundable fee of £163.60 for residents

This is to cover administration costs including: 

  • Initial site visit
  • General advice on planning issues
  • Where the vehicle crossing will be if needed
  • Survey and utility searches

We'll send you a quotation for the work which will include a supervision fee of £41.70. You only need to pay this if you decide to go ahead with the works.

How long will it take

Up to 4 months from when we get your application.

Hardstandings and driveways

Your property needs to have a hardstanding on which you must park your vehicle. A hardstanding is ground surfaced with a hard material for parking vehicles on. We can't proceed with your application until you have one.

You must be able to park all of your vehicle on your property. It must not overhang any part of the road, footway, or verge.  

As a rough guide the minimum dimensions for a hardstanding are:

  • 5 metres by 2.4 metres
  • 5.5 metres by 2.4 metres if in front of a garage

Your vehicle must not be parked on the vehicle crossing and must not obstruct the road, footway, or verge. 

Planning permission

It's your responsibility to find out if you need planning permission for any proposed work within your property boundary before you apply for a dropped kerb crossing. This includes any resurfacing to your driveway.

You might also need planning permission if you live: 

  • On an A, B or C classified road
  • In a flat, apartment or maisonette

To obtain planning permission apply for a Certificate Lawful Development on the Planning Portal website.

If you're a developer

Email traffic.management@wokingham.gov.uk.

Application advice pack

Before you apply read the dropped kerb application pack (PDF document).

Apply for a dropped kerb

Use our online form to:

Apply for a dropped kerb

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