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Find out about dropped kerbs / crossings

Apply for a dropped kerb / vehicle crossover

Dropped Kerbs

A dropped kerb, or vehicle crossover, is a short ramp constructed across a footway or verge which is used by vehicles to access off-street parking within a property.

Who can apply

Homeowners, businesses, or tenants who have the written permission of the property owner can apply online for a dropped kerb.

Developers must email traffic.management@wokingham.gov.uk to discuss their request.


We must provide formal consent for any change to the public highway, including the construction of dropped kerbs.

The property being accessed must have hardstanding (ground surfaced with hard material) on which a vehicle may park without overhanging the highway.

The dropped kerb must be located at least 10 metres from the nearest road junction.

A dropped kerb is not normally appropriate where a property is intensively accessed by vehicles, when a new access road is likely to be more suitable.

You may not apply via this webpage if the property in question doesn't lie on an adopted highway, meaning we do not maintain the road. You can view the roads we maintain on our online map of the roads maintained by us (opens in a new window).

Full details of these restrictions, along with other considerations which may impact on the installation of a dropped kerb, are included in the Domestic Vehicle Crossover Application Pack (PDF document).

Planning Permission

In certain circumstances planning permission will need to be sought. This includes where the property: 

  • Is located on a classified A, B, or C road (PDF document) 
  • Is a flat, apartment or maisonette
  • Is located within a conservation area
  • Requires the provision of a hard standing area exceeding 5m x 5m in size


Where planning permission is required this must be sought prior to completing this application. To obtain planning permission you must apply on the Planning Portal website.


You will be responsible for all costs associated with the construction of a dropped kerb.

A non-refundable processing fee of £194.30 must be paid in order for an application to be considered. This covers administration costs, including:

  • Initial site visit and inspection
  • General advice
  • Quote preparation

Should the initial inspection determine that the dropped kerb is acceptable in principle, a quotation for the installation will be provided which will remain valid for 60 days.

Each quote is individual based on the specific requirements of the installation.

Additional costs may also apply to the installation of a dropped kerb, including:

  • Planning applications fees
  • Costs associated with relocating larger utility covers - We can only relocate smaller utility covers, so you may need to approach utility companies directly to relocate larger covers


After an application has been submitted and the initial fee paid it will be reviewed and a site inspection arranged. You will be notified of the outcome in writing following the inspection. This is usually within 4 to 6 weeks of the application being submitted, although this timescale can vary.

Once you have confirmed you wish to proceed and have paid the fee in full, installation will be scheduled. This is usually within 4 months of receiving payment.

Adverse weather, such as snow or heavy rain, can impact on timescales.

Domestic Vehicle Crossover Application Pack

Before you apply you must read Wokingham's Domestic Vehicle Crossover Application Pack (PDF document).

Apply for a dropped kerb

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