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Park and ride services

Park and ride services

Useful information


Winnersh park and ride has now replaced the Loddon Bridge park and ride.

The car park is located on the edge of Winnersh Triangle Business Park.

There are specially branded buses departing every 15 minutes to Reading town centre via the A329M.


Service runs Monday to Saturday with weekday service starting at 6.45am.

The last buses from Reading are at 6.48pm. However return park and ride tickets are accepted on Reading Buses Lion 4/X4 later then this.

Visit the Travel Reading Live website for full schedule details.

Parking and costs

To use the park and ride park in the car park next to Winnersh Triangle Station.

Paying for parking is incorporated into the price of the bus ticket. Bus tickets are printed with a unique barcode on the bottom to scan at the barrier to exit the car park.

For more details about bus fares visit Reading Buses website.

Concessionary pass holders can travel free on this service.

If you park and hold an age related concessionary pass a £1 parking ticket is required. You can buy a parking ticket on the bus from the driver.

Parking will cost £4 for everyone else. You can use the on-site machines to pay or pay by phone. You'll need to enter your vehicle registration number when paying.

The car park uses automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology.

Any lost tickets will be subject to the daily £4 parking charge.

Electric charging points

There are 2 rapid vehicle electric charging points in the car park.

These charging points have been set up using a grant from the office of low emission vehicles (Department for Transport).

These 2 charging points are as close to Junction 10 of the M4 as possible. 

The chargers are capable of recharging an electric vehicle to 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes.

The cost of charging vehicles is priced in kWh (kilo Watt hours) and is 25p per kWh.


The Madejski Stadium park and ride site is just off junction 11 of the M4.

Take the A33 towards Reading and follow the signs for the park and ride site.


Mereoak park and ride is located in Mereoak Lane, Grazeley.

Access to the site is from the A33 - just south of M4 Junction 11.

There are about 600 parking spaces plus cycle and motorcycle parking.

Reading Buses, Greenwave service provides fast and frequent buses between the site and Reading town centre and Reading station.

Some buses run direct to Reading town centre whilst others stop at Reading International Business Park, Madejski Stadium or Kennet Island.


Services run between 5.50am and 8.58pm on weekdays.

Saturday services run between 7.27am and 7.20pm.

Special Sunday and evening Mereoak Sports services run on match days for football and rugby games at the Madejski stadium. Concessionary passes are not valid on Mereoak Sports services.

For more details about bus fares and schedules visit Reading Buses website .

Parking and costs

Parking costs 50p per day.

Parking is paid for on the bus as part of the bus ticket.

Concessionary pass holders can travel on park and ride buses for free but a 50p car parking ticket is still required. This can be purchased from the bus driver.

Current project status

This project has planning approval and ground clearance works have taken. Detailed design has been completed after ground investigations and a full topographical survey were carried out and construction will begin in early 2019. 

Why are we building Thames Valley Park and Ride

The A4 London Road has been identified as the main route for vehicles travelling to Reading town centre from the east, and for links from Junction 10 of the M4. There is a particular pinch point along the route at the intersection of the A4 and A329, which is known locally as Cemetery Junction.

East of this junction the corridor has two narrow lanes westbound and a single narrow lane eastbound. The corridor supports 75,000 people movements per day and in 2014 experienced average daily traffic flows of approximately 22,500 vehicles. The route is heavily constrained and subject to frequent congestion. A reduction in traffic levels at peak times is required.

Proposed location

The proposed location of the Thames Valley Park and Ride site is a triangular, wedge shaped section of land, approximately 1.35 hectares, south of the River Thames and west of the Thames Valley Business Park.

The Park and Ride scheme comprises

  • 256 parking bays (including 6 disabled bays and 4 charging bays)  
  • 2 Park and Ride bus stops for 12m long single decker buses   
  • Space for motorcycle and cycle parking and
  • Bus shelter facilities

It is proposed that the Park and Ride will primarily be used for employment trips into central Reading, to reduce the peak time congestion experienced on the A4 inbound in the AM peak and outbound in the PM peak. The facility would be served by the existing Thames Valley shuttle bus service which operates between the business park and Reading town centre. Currently this service operates empty towards central Reading in the morning and towards Thames Valley Park in the evening. The proposals would therefore utilise the shuttle service’s spare capacity.


The Park and Ride project will help to improve access to Reading along the A4 corridor. This improved access by public transport will help to reduce congestion and support economic growth. Furthermore, between now and 2026 Wokingham Borough is set to deliver 13,000 new homes, of which 4,450 are located surrounding the A329 corridor in Winnersh (450 units), North Wokingham (1,500) and South Wokingham (2,500). The Park and Ride will support this growth by providing additional public transport capacity into central Reading to accommodate the increased usage. 

The objectives of the scheme are

  • To support the forecast housing growth of 13,000 units by 2026 in Wokingham Borough
  • To reduce congestion on the A4 corridor
  • To encourage car drivers to access central Reading using public transport and
  • To support other park and rides, including Winnersh Triangle Park and Ride

The proposed park and ride site is part of a wider national and local commitment to improve the transport network and to reduce congestion at constrained locations. It has been identified that Reading requires a reduction in congestion levels to enhance the areas economic productivity.

As a result, Reading and Wokingham Borough Council’s have already implemented a range of schemes to reduce congestion on particularly congested links on the road network. These schemes have included the Mereoak Park and Ride on the A33, the Winnersh Park and Ride on Wharfedale Road, the Ready Bike Hire Scheme, a pedestrian / cycle bridge and the regeneration of Reading Railway Station.

These schemes have had considerable success in alleviating congestion in constrained areas and encouraging people to use more sustainable modes of transport.

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