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California Cross

California Cross

Why we're building the scheme

The California Cross project is situated to the East of the Arborfield SDL (Strategic Development Location) and towards the South of South Wokingham SDL. This intersection forms a key focus point for business, schools and residents in the area and are in need of an upgrade to enhance  the ease of movement of all users in the area. This will benefit the community as a whole as it will provide a sense of place and arrival for all who travel through it and those utilising the shops, restaurants and schools on a daily basis.

Read our California Cross project frequently asked questions (PDF document) for more details.


In the early part of 2015, a Working Group was formed, consisting of Wokingham Borough Council members, Finchampstead parish members, and some local business owners. This group met periodically during 2015 and it was agreed that the area was vehicle dominated within the village centre. Following investigation and concept design work, a presentation to local residents was given by our officers, which received positive feedback.  

A scope was then identified to develop California Cross into an area which benefits local business owners and residents by creating a place where pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle traffic can co-exist. With this in mind it was decided by the Working Group that the name of the project moving forward would be California Cross and not California Cross Roads.

Current project status

We are currently progresssing with the detailed design of the scheme and site surveys. It is anticipated that these will be completed by the end of this year (2020).

Previous consultation

In December 2018 we hosted an exhibition event to give you an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments about the project.

This feedback has been summarised in the Statement of Community Engagement document below:


Planning application

The project will be delivered under permitted development. This means it does not need planning consent.


Detailed design is currently in progress.

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