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Submit a planning application

Making a planning application with us

Architects and planning agents

The planning process can be complex so we recommend you get an architect or planning agent to help you. 

You can find a list of architects and planning agents below:

Planning application checklist / local list.

Every planning application has to have certain information provided for it to be valid. This is often referred to as the local list. 

See the planning application checklist page to see this information.

See the guidance about the planning application process below:

Not all development and building work requires you to apply for planning permission. This type of development is covered by what is known as permitted development. 

Find out more on the do you need planning permission page

Most people use an agent to guide them through the process. You can a find a list of agents on the  The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) website.

If you want to request advice about a specific development or building project you'll need to  apply for pre-application advice which is a service we charge for.

Advice on the Planning Portal

You can use the Planning Portal website to find information that will help you decide if you need planning permission:

Which types of developments or building work require planning permission

Not all developments and work require planning permission as they are covered by what is known as permitted development. Find out about permitted development on the Planning Portal.

Restrictive conditions on your property

If you want to check whether there are any restrictions on a property you can check the planning history by  viewing applications on our website.

If the planning history is prior to 1998, the application is on our microfiche records. To request a copy of the documents you require, or to book a time slot to view the microfiche, email  planning.enquiries@wokingham.gov.uk. Provide the reference number if you have it. Requests for large quantities of documents may require a time slot to be agreed.  

Confirmation that planning permission isn't needed

To get confirmation that you don't need planning permission you need to apply for a certificate of lawfulness on the Planning Portal.

It's not compulsory to have a certificate of lawfulness but there may be times when you need one to confirm that the use, operation or activity named in it is lawful for planning control purposes.

If you're in any doubt you should apply for one.

The application form you need to use depends on the type of application. Visit the Planning Portal website to find out which application form you need. 

Some applications can't be submitted through the portal and will need to be sent to us at development.control@wokingham.gov.uk

See the paper forms section of the Planning Portal website for more information. You will need to pay for these applications via our online payment page.

To prevent you application being delayed or refused, you need to make sure you include all necessary plans and reports to meet policy requirements and the correct planning fee where required when you submit your application.

You can find out what information you need to submit on the planning checklist / validation page.

You can submit your application on the Planning Portal website:

Submit planning application

The fees for planning applications will be calculated for you during the application process.

You can also work out the fees using the planning fees calculator on the Planning Portal website.

You can view the typical application process below.

Applications are validated

We check that everything was submitted that should have been, including fees. 

If there are problems we'll contact you, you do not need to contact us.

Neighbour notification and consultation period

The public, internal and external consultees are notified for a period of 28 days. During this time comments can be submitted.

Assessment of the application

Don't contact us for updates to your application during this assessment period. We'll contact you if we need more information or if we need to arrange a site visit.  

You can monitor the progress of your application by checking the search planning application facility

Neighbour, councillor and parish comments will be displayed.

Officer report is written

The officer managing your application will recommend your application for approval or refusal.

Officers report is reviewed by Senior Officers 

The decision is either made at this stage, or the application is referred to the Planning Committee for a decision. 

Your application may be referred to a Planning committee in accordance with the council constitution. 

We'll let you know if the application is to be decided by planning committee.  

Decision is issued

The time limit for making a decision depends on the type of planning application submitted:

  • Householder, minor and other applications - 8 weeks  
  • Major development - 13 weeks
  • An application subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment - 16 weeks
  • Non-material amendments - 28 days
  • Applications to approve details reserved by conditions 8 weeks
  • Certificates of lawfulness for proposed or existing development 8 weeks

Time periods may be longer if agreed in writing. The planning officer will contact you if a new timescale needs to be agreed.  

You can also check the current status of applications online.

If your application has been refused the officer report and decision notice will set out the issues. You can view this on the search planning applications page.

We advise you to discuss these with your agent or planning advisor in the first instance.  

If you wish to discuss changes to overcome the refusal reasons with a planning officer you will need to apply for  pre application advice.

If your application has been refused you may want to appeal the decision. You can submit an appeal on the Gov.uk website.

For a small change you need to apply for a non material amendment on the Planning Portal website.

For larger changes or to change one or more conditions use the Planning Portal website.

If you're unsure whether the changes you would like to make can be considered a non-material amendment, you can find advice on the Gov.uk website

After you submit your application

Once the application is submitted we'll make an assessment as to whether or not the change can is non-material amendment and let you know. The time limit for making a decision is 28 days or a longer period if that has been agreed in writing.  

If we decide that the change is material, then the non-material amendment application will be refused and you will need to submit either an amended planning application or a variation of condition application (eg to vary the approved plans condition).

If your application has been approved this may be subject to conditions requiring further details to be submitted to the Local Planning Authority for approval. An application must be made with the details and there is an associated fee.  

The application can be submitted on the the Planning Portal website.

For more advice on submitting applications to discharge or approve conditions to the planning checklist / validation page.

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