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Comment on a planning application

Comment on a planning application

Issues with commenting on planning applications

We're currently experiencing some technical issues with the 'comment on a planning application' facility. We're working to fix it and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Make a comment

To make a comment on a planning application find the application by:

Be aware that your comments aren't reviewed or moderated before they're published.

Some comments on the system are appearing with odd characters or spacing. This may be caused by copy and pasting from documents where the text has formatting behind it (for example Microsoft Word). If you're copying and pasting comments from another source we'd advise placing the text in notepad first and then moving it from notepad in to our system as this should remove any formatting. We're working with our supplier to find a solution and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is for certain consultees to submit comments on planning applications. 

You'll need valid login details to use it. If you're one of these consultees, log in on the Partner Portal website.

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