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6th July 2023

Countryside, landscape, and open space

Green Belt Study

In early 2016, Wokingham Borough Council and Bracknell Forest Council jointly commissioned the consultants AMEC to undertake a Green Belt Review. This is the first comprehensive review of the Green Belt undertaken on behalf of the Councils and the review forms part of the evidence base for the Local Plan Update. The objective of the review is to test the Green Belt against the five purposes of Green Belt land listed in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

The report does not identify land for release or development.

A copy of the report can be found below:

See below for a copy of the documents appendices:

Landscape Character Assessment

The aim of a Landscape Character Assessment is to formally describe and classify different landscapes. The report contains chapters covering

  •   Physical influences    
  •   Geology    
  •   Landform and hydrology    
  •   Agricultural capability    
  •   Ecological character    
  •   Historic environment    
  •   Landscape conservation and management methods

The report then characterises the landscape into 14 different landscape types and 30 character areas with a detailed description of each. See the 2 parts of the Landscape Character Assessment below:

How will it be used?

The results of the study will help guide landscape management decisions, including those on planning applications. The guidance will also feed into our new planning policies including our  local plan documents.

Open Space and Sports Assessments

The Open Space and Sports Assessment is a survey which looks at the amount of Public Open Space there is in the Wokingham Borough. This includes parks, sports pitches, indoor sports facilities and play areas and makes recommendations for future levels of provision.

The Open Space Audit is available in 2 volumes - Volume 1 is the Strategic Open Space Assessment (PDF document) and Volume 2 is the  Sports Assessment (PDF document.)

Open Space and Sports Strategy

Our  Open Space, Sport and Recreation Facilities Strategy (PDF document) aims to provide clear guidance on the application of the open space, sport and recreational facilities standards for residential development identified in Policy TB08 of the Managing Development Delivery Local Plan. 

Its our intention is that the Strategy will provide both useful guidance for the preparation of development proposals and a benchmark for determining planning applications.

Open Space and Sports Strategy Evidence Base

See below for the evidence base documents for the Open Space and Sports Strategy Evidence Base

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