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Highways development advice

Highways development advice

Highway Design Guide

The highways design guide for developers provides advice for developers on:

  • Design standards and key principles to follow in creating new highway layouts for all types of development
  • Highway procedures   
  • Legal agreements
  • Electric vehicle charging requirements

Read the highways design guide for developers (PDF document) to find out more.

Highways Development Frequently Asked Questions

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions on highways development topics including highway agreements, maintenance of new developments and development management:

Highway Standard Construction Details

These highway standard details provide our required specifications for carriageways, footways, crossovers, kerbs and other detailed highway construction elements:

Highway commuted sums for new developments

Commuted sums for maintenance fees are required for new estates and roads adopted as public highway. 

These are set out in detail in the Council’s ‘Fees and Charges’. View the commuted sums (PDF document) for a  summary of our commuted sums calculator. 

Email: highwayagreements@wokingham.gov.uk to request a detailed site calculation. 

How to apply for a Section 38 or Section 278 agreement

Section 38 agreements govern the adoption of new highways under the Highways Act 1980. Developers are advised not to commence work on new roads without first having entered into a Section 38 agreement with the Council. 

Section 278 Agreements govern works carried out on existing highway, for example upgrading of footways, junction improvements and new road crossings. It is illegal to commence works on the public highway without first having the necessary agreements in place with the Council.

To apply, complete: 

Return to highwayagreements@wokingham.gov.uk

Parking Standards

Parking standards for all planning use classes, types of vehicles, cycles and disabled bays, including an interactive spreadsheet to calculate the parking requirements for a new residential development.

See the evidence topics web page to find out more.

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