Last updated:

20th July 2023

Sustainable travel for businesses

Find sustainable travel grants and read our sustainable travel plan

Healthy and responsible travel

We encourage active, healthy and socially responsible travel that makes walking, cycling and public transport more attractive.

Sustainable travel documents

Our Sustainable Travel Plan

Read our Sustainable Travel Transition application for 2016 to 2017 (PDF document) to find out about our proposed sustainable travel plans.

Travel plans

We work with businesses, employers and developers to develop travel plans. Travel plans promote healthy and sustainable transport options to people and reduce the number of car journeys. Travel plans can evolve with the community as it grows.

Grants for small businesses

Small and medium businesses (with between 5-250 employees) can receive a match funded grant of up to £1,000 through the Low Carbon Workspace project. 

Funding can be used for schemes that reduce costs, improve travel routes and lower carbon emissions. 

Visit the low carbon workspace website for more details about how to apply for a grant.

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