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Free bus passes for senior citizens

Free bus passes for senior citizens

Find out if you are eligible for a free bus pass by using the State Pension age calculator on the UK Government website. The age the calculator gives you is the age we use for eligibility.

How to apply

You can  apply for your bus pass online

Alternatively complete a  concessionary fares application form (PDF document) and post your application to us.

Further information may be found by reading our  concessionary travel information for new applicants (PDF document).

If you are disabled you can apply for a free disabled bus pass. Visit our  bus passes for disabled people web page to find out more.

You will receive your bus pass within 10 days of your application being processed.

Where and when you can use your bus pass

Outside of Wokingham you can use your free bus pass on:

  • Any registered local bus service in England
  • From 9.30am to 11pm Monday to Friday
  • All day at weekends and bank holidays

In Wokingham you can use your bus pass on:

  • Any local bus service in Wokingham borough between 9am and 10.59pm Monday to Friday
  • Our  park and ride services - at Winnersh park and ride. You will need to buy a parking ticket, available from the bus driver.

Dial-a-ride services

You can use your bus on  Readibus - you also need to meet their qualifying criteria.

You can use your bus pass for medical appointments with local volunteer driver services. Find out more below:

If you need a companion to travel with you

You can apply for a companion travel pass if you care for a disabled person who can't travel alone. 

The companion travel pass allows 1 carer to travel for free at the same time as the disabled person.

Just tick the relevant box in the companion issue section of the application form.

If you're not eligible

If you're not eligible for a free disabled bus pass you still might meet the requirements to use local dial-a-ride services.

Visit the Readibus and Keep Mobile websites to find out.

You also might be able to use a local volunteer driver service. Find out more below.


You can find more services in the service directory:

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