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Cycle training

Cycle training

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Our Bikeability scheme is registered with the Department for Transport and we are a member of TABS - The Association of Bikeability Schemes.

Visit the Bikeability website for more details about Bikeability cycle training and the 3 Bikeability levels.

What is Bikeability training?

Bikeability gives children the skills and confidence they need to cycle on roads. All primary / junior schools in Wokingham borough now offer Bikeability training at school. This is funded by a Bikeability grant from the Department for Transport.

Level 1/Level 2 courses start in a traffic- free area (e.g. a playground or car park) then move on to quiet roads in the local area, progressing to roads with more traffic by the third session. The training covers Bikeability Level 1 and 2 (combined.)

Who can take part?

To take part children normally have to be

  • 10 years or over by 31 August 2017
  • Able to ride a bike competently
  • Owners of a roadworthy bike and a cycle helmet

Bikeability Level 1/level 2 (Combined) courses

There aren't currently any Bikeability Level 1 / Level 2 (combined) courses available.

Want to try the next level?  

If you have already passed Bikeability Level 2 and are a confident cyclist, then why not have a go at Level 3? Bikeability Level 3 training teaches you to cycle on more challenging roads and traffic situations, including complex junctions and busy roundabouts. 

To be eligible you need to satisfy the following conditions

  • Age 11 years or over by 31 August 2017
  • Must have already passed Bikeability Level 2 and have experience of cycling on your own in traffic
  • Must have a roadworthy bike suitable for road cycling (mountain bikes, hybrids or road bikes are fine, but not BMX-type bikes which don’t have gears)
  • Must wear a cycle helmet

Bikeability Level 3 courses

Order a cycle helmet

To order a child's cycle helmet you can print off our cycle helmet order form (PDF document) and send it back with payment to the address on the form.

More details

For more details email myjourney@wokingham.gov.uk or call 0118 908 8208

Bikeability Learn to Ride sessions in Finchampstead

For details of Learn to ride sessions for children aged 5 Plus visit the My Journey Wokingham website

New Balance Bike club 

For details about the new Balance Bike club for younger children visit the MyJourney Wokingham website.

Saturday adult cycling sessions

We offer 2 levels of cycle training for adults

  • Level 1 - based in the school playground (i.e. not on the road), teaching the basics of how to ride a bike. This is great for new cyclists or if you haven’t been on a bike for a long time. A maximum of 4 participants to 1 instructor. You can borrow a bike if needed
  • Level 2 - training on quiet local roads to cover the basics of road positioning and communicating with other road users. This level is great for anyone who wants to cycle on roads. Maximum of 6 participants to 1 instructor. You must have a roadworthy bike

Cycling session details

Classes are held at Beechwood Primary School, Ambleside Close, Woodley RG5 4JJ. For more information visit the My Journey website.

Book now

To book a place email us at myjourney@wokingham.gov.uk

Encouraging women to ride bikes for fun

British Cycling's Breeze is the biggest programme ever to get more women into riding bikes for fun. 

They want to help thousands of women feel confident and comfortable about going on a bike ride. 

For further details of free Breeze rides visit the Go Sky Ride website.


To find out more about cycle training:

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