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Notify us about your event safety needs

Notify us about your event safety needs

Events that could affect public safety

Use the online form below to notify us of an event that could affect public safety, for example if it would be safer to close roads:

Indicates mandatory fields

News and consultation - Safety advisory group event notification

Highway and traffic implications

Are any footpaths, bridleways or roads that are normally open to the public affected or used as part of the event:
Are you proposing any directional signing on the highway to direct the public to the event:
Do you anticipate the need for any road closures and traffic diversions:
Have you considered the need to restrict or control parking on the highway in the vicinity of your event:
Are there any car parks to be closed in order to hold the event:
If a formal traffic order is required, please allow at least 12 weeks notice to process the order. 
If you have said "yes" to the questions above about highway and traffic implications, or you have not identified any dedicated parking are proposing to rely on public car parks and parking on the highway, Traffic Management service will contact you.
Select the appropriate boxes below to show the activities you intend to utilise or permit at the event - some of these may not be permitted at all sites:

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