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Finished consultations

Finished consultations

The table below shows the results of recent consultations. If you would like to know results earlier consultations contact communityengagement@wokingham.gov.uk.

Affordable self-build housing

Service area
Housing and tenants
Deadline date for responses
29 March 2021
Deadline time for responses
Details of consultation

Wokingham Borough Council are continuing to explore ways to meet demand for self-build properties and affordable homes in the borough. Self-build and self-finish can help create more affordable homes through reduced labour costs.


What sort of topics are covered in the consultation?

           What are the benefits and constraints of self-build and self-finish?

           What are the eligibility criteria for affordable self-build housing? 

           How much involvement would I have in the build? Understanding the options from self-finish to custom build to full self-build. 

           What are the benefits and constraints of an individual versus a group build process? Which model is best for me, my family and my circumstances? 

           Would affordable rental or part ownership be best for me? 

           What is my preferred house type? 


If you would like to receive further information about affordable self-build opportunities, please sign up to the mailing list by emailing self.build@wokingham.gov.uk.


You can also join our live webinar to hear from a panel of self-build experts, who will share more information about the options for self-build discussed in the survey and answer any questions you may have. The webinar will take place 7-8pm on Monday 22 March. Please email self.build@wokingham.gov.uk for the link to join.


This consultation closes at 12pm Monday 29 March.

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